About Us


Namaa Tamweel is the first microfinance institution and the only Islamic microfinance initiative in Libya. ATIB was selected by the UK Ministry of Development and International Cooperation as the first Libyan private bank and a strategic partner to establish this institution in Libya, and Expertise France to supervise and follow up the project implementation. Namaa Tamweel aims at empowering the Libyan economy by providing microfinance to our targeted clients who have difficulty accessing financial services through conventional banks.

Our objective is to qualify 2,000 beneficiaries by 2022 to finance the establishment or expansion of their businesses, which will contribute to raising their standards of living and diversifying their income. We at Namaa Tamweel, believe in partnership and cooperation as a key element and therefore we are building a strong network of actors, active entities and suppliers to provide the best services to our clients.



We work to establish a solid relationship with our clients based on the endless support, the success of our clients is our success.

Social responsibility

We work to create a balance between economic growth and the continuous support of our customers on the one hand and civil work to achieve what is good for our society and our environment on the other.

Quality of services

We believe that our clients deserve tailored as well as efficient services. We maintain high standards of professionalism based on non-discrimination and customer centricity.


We create awareness and enable clients and all other stakeholders to understand the information provided with respect to financial services offered and availed.


Privacy of our clients and other stakeholders is strictly safeguarded and stored. We allow disclosures and exchange of relevant information with authorized personnel only, and with the knowledge and informed consent of clients.


  • To provide excellent and innovative services to the economically active persons and entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets and improve their standard of living;
  • To promote the private initiative and support self-employment projects in Libya;
  • To improve the livelihoods in Libya, to serve poor households in a sustainable and innovative manner by providing responsible microfinance and complementary socio-economic services;
  • To assist in the development and expansion of Islamic Microfinance in Libya and provide a demonstration model of Islamic Finance.


  • To be a leading microfinance institution providing solutions to meet the expectations of the entrepreneurs and the un-banked population in Libya;
  • To be an outstanding institution that improves the living standards of the population and contributes to the economic and social development of Libya.