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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services and
how to benefit from them efficiently and easily
At Nama Tamweel, we target all people of both genders from the age of 20 to 70. Our clients are owners of ideas, project managers, professionals, craftsmen, and citizens with limited income and those with the desire and passion to move their projects from the planning stage to reality that guarantees a stable source of income.
In addition to financial services, Nama Tamweel helps empower customers by providing them with planning and financial studies for their projects and providing advice on how to better manage their money and improve their businesses, allowing them to raise their income level.
We will provide financing of up to 50,000 Libyan dinars to our clients, using Islamic financing formulas.
Depending on the financing amount, the repayment schedule is determined over a period ranging from 6 months to three years.
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • National number/birth certificate
  • Valid activity license
  • An invoice showing the project needs
  • A copy of the project headquarters lease contract
  • A guarantor who has a salary that is constantly received from any bank
    • Salary certificate
    • Lack of financial commitment
    • An account statement of no less than 6 months
    • National number for the sponsor
    • A valid passport of the sponsor
Nama will target financing existing entrepreneurs who wish to develop their projects and expand their operations. Namaa Tamweel will finance projects from all sectors with a focus on trade, services and industrial sectors. In some cases, we will provide financing to individuals to start their projects or personal financing for the purposes of improving the condition of the home if it is the home of the project.
  • Tripoli:
    • That Al-Imad, Fifth Tower, ground floor
  • Benghazi:
    • Eastern Region Administration Building of the Saray Bank for Trade and Investment - Garyounis
  • Misrata:
    • Insurance Building, ground floor
Microfinance is a category of financial services that targets individuals with small businesses who are unable to access traditional banking services. Microfinance includes: providing small loan services to clients in financial need.
Microfinance promises to generate income, create job opportunities, and alleviate poverty in developing countries, and this in turn can have positive social impacts at various levels, starting from the personal levels, through the community level, all the way to the regional level. One of the most important features of microfinance is that it targets women, who constitute a large segment with a significant impact on the societal environment.
At Namaa Tamweel, we not only provide you with financing, but we also review your project with you, conduct a feasibility study, and evaluate the budget. The support and assistance team will be with you step by step from the beginning of your entry into the world of Namaa Tamweel until you reach your anticipated goals.
Libya has long suffered from economic instability as a bloated public sector struggles to become efficient, and with a limited number of financial product services, entrepreneurs find it difficult to launch, sustain and maintain their businesses. Microfinance provides a solution to these problems as it provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to gain access to microfinance products and services and gives them the ability to generate sustainable income and achieve financial stability, thus empowering the private sector at the local level.
Namaa Tamweel will be the first microfinance institution in Libya. We will use Islamic financing formulas based on Murabaha, and other formulas will soon be used such as Ijara.
Yes, but this depends on the status of the first financing and its repayment records.
Nama Tamweel works on the principle of building effective partnerships with the entities concerned with micro-enterprise owners in order to help them achieve their economic goals. Among these entities are local and international organizations and companies.
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