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For Bigger Growth

The most important of which is the growth of financing to achieve economic empowerment in Libya by providing microfinance to those who face difficulties in obtaining financial services through the National Bank and enabling them to realize their projects or businesses.

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Apply for financing up to 50,000 LYD

About Namaa Finance

Namaa Tamweel is an initiative launched by Al-Saray Trade and Investment Bank (ATIB) for microfinance in the form of Islamic banking, and it is the first of its kind in Libya. Namaa Tamweel aims to achieve economic empowerment in Libya by providing microfinance to those who face difficulties in obtaining financial services through traditional banks and enabling them to realize their projects or expand their businesses, which contributes to improving their income level and boosting the local economy

Discover What Set Us Apart

We strive to provide a comprehensive suite of services and features that support small business growth and enhance their financial stability
Possibility of earning income

Possibility of earning income

We work to provide multiple opportunities to generate income, and develop sustainable strategies to ensure the continuity of income in a reliable and effective manner at the same time.

Flexible payment options

Flexible payment options

We aim to effectively meet customers' needs by offering flexible and diverse payment options, allowing them to adapt to financial challenges efficiently.

Support financial education

Support financial education

We work to provide innovative resources and educational sessions to help clients make the right financial decisions and enhance their financial capabilities.

Easy access to financing

Easy access to financing

We have simplified andfacilitated the
process of accessing financing helping clients achieve their business goals and grow without financial hurdles.

Business expansion

Business expansion

it develops innovative and sustainable strategies for business expansion, helping clients achieve market excellence and grow with confidence.

Compatible With the Provisions of Islamic Sharia

Nama Tamweel provides its customers with financing services that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia in the form of Murabaha, and provides various financina solutions whose value starts from a thousand up to 50 thousand Libyan dinars, in easy instalments or up to several months, in line with the customers needs and the required financing

Our Financing Bridges the Growth of Projects

Nama Tamweel provides a variety of qualification, training, and support services to its clients to ensure success Their projects through guidance and training in the fields of marketing, management, finance, etc.

Namaa Provides You With What You Want

Nama aims to finance a wide range of project owners of various types, and provides a package of services specifically designed to ensure the success of their projects


Student Finance: Supporting academic ambitions


Funding Photographers: Embodying Creativity Sustainably


Single worker financing empowering independent enterprise


Barista Finance: Building Success in Coffee Shops


Chef Funding: Fueling dreams to launch a creative culinary line

Take More

Develop your project equipment without negatively affecting your income level

From Home

Financing work from home: fostering remote innovations


Youth Finance: Enabling innovation for the next generation

Organize Your Things

Organize your business to monitor expenses and sales periodically

Financing has reached

43,999,43 LYD

What We Have Achieved

We work hard to help Namaa Tamweel clients achieve more revenues and explore more opportunities through market studies, feasibility studies, and networks, and provide them with clients and suppliers from the Namaa network










Number of financing

Simple Steps to Increase Your Profits

Make the most of Namaa Tamweel’s capabilities and increase your revenues thanks to the advanced and innovative services we provide to you
Explore the financing packages that are compatible with your project and needs, then choose the package that suits your project
Submit your application for financing and fill out all the required data to complete the process
The Nama Tamweel team will review your information and respond to you within no more than a week

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services and
how to benefit from them efficiently and easily
At Nama Tamweel, we target all people of both genders from the age of 20 to 70. Our clients are owners of ideas, project managers, professionals, craftsmen, and citizens with limited income and those with the desire and passion to move their projects from the planning stage to reality that guarantees a stable source of income.
In addition to financial services, Nama Tamweel helps empower customers by providing them with planning and financial studies for their projects and providing advice on how to better manage their money and improve their businesses, allowing them to raise their income level.
We will provide financing of up to 50,000 Libyan dinars to our clients, using Islamic financing formulas.
Microfinance is a category of financial services that targets individuals with small businesses who are unable to access traditional banking services. Microfinance includes: providing small loan services to clients in financial need.
Microfinance promises to generate income, create job opportunities, and alleviate poverty in developing countries, and this in turn can have positive social impacts at various levels, starting from the personal levels, through the community level, all the way to the regional level. One of the most important features of microfinance is that it targets women, who constitute a large segment with a significant impact on the societal environment.
At Namaa Tamweel, we not only provide you with financing, but we also review your project with you, conduct a feasibility study, and evaluate the budget. The support and assistance team will be with you step by step from the beginning of your entry into the world of Namaa Tamweel until you reach your anticipated goals.
Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services and how to benefit from them Efficiently and easily
We are committed to provid answers to all your inquiries efficiently and professionally







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