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Organize Your Things Financing

Financing up to 10,000 LYD

Small financing for larger projects. We work hard to provide the best services to our customers.

About Organize Your Things Finance

Administrative and financial organization is the basis for the success of any business activity. Due to the relatively high prices of financial systems and technical solutions for small business owners, the owners of these projects are sometimes unable to achieve additional profits!

Target Audience

Business project owners whose activity depends on recurring expenses and sales and who wish to employ technology to organize the project administratively and financially.

Financing formula

Islamic Murabaha

Money Value

Up to 10,000 LYD

Monthly Installment

Up to 18 months

About Financing

Your Business System Finance provides you with technical solutions to organize commercial activity, to follow up on expenses and sales on a regular basis, and to provide financial reports to help business owners develop their projects with accuracy and higher quality.

Conditions for Obtaining Organize Your Things Financing!

A license to practice the activity (from the Ministry of Economy).

Experience and ownership/lease contract for the project headquarters for a period of no less than the year.

Personal guarantees (a guarantor who will receive a regular salary and a promissory note).


It is not required to have a bank account with Ateeb to obtain freelance financing, but having you and your sponsor an account with Ateeb facilitates and speeds up the financing request procedures, and also gives you the opportunity to benefit from other Ateeb banking services.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Apply for financing up to 10,000 LYD
and start increasing your profits and spreading faster