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Photographer Financing

Financing up to 25,000 LYD

Small financing for larger projects. We work hard to provide the best services to our customers.

About Photographer Finance

New financing specifically designed by Namaa Tamweel for professional photographers who wish to develop their photographic work by providing the latest professional cameras and their accessories, including tripods, lenses, and lighting equipment that meet your needs in easy and convenient monthly installments in the Murabaha formula, and allow you to ensure that your work is presented with the best quality, and to increase your customer base and opportunities.

Target Audience

Independent professionals in the media sector, especially photography, who have been able to build a customer base for their services and want to increase their income, but the equipment currently used represents an obstacle to progress.

Financing formula

Islamic Murabaha

Money Value

Up to 25,000 LYD

Monthly Installment

starting from 335 LYD per month (for a period not exceeding two years)


Conditions for Obtaining Photographer Financing!

At least one year of work experience in the field (View Portfolio).

Personal guarantees (a guarantor who will receive a regular salary and a promissory note).


It is not required to have a bank account with Ateeb to obtain freelance financing, but having you and your sponsor an account with Ateeb facilitates and speeds up the financing request procedures, and also gives you the opportunity to benefit from other Ateeb banking services.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Apply for financing up to 25,000 LYD
and start increasing your profits and spreading faster