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Student Financing

Financing up to 8,000 LYD

Small financing for larger projects. We work hard to provide the best services to our customers.

About Student Finance

Student financing is financing allocated to university students from all majors, as it provides them with the possibility of obtaining financing to purchase equipment and devices that help them achieve the highest levels of academic achievement, accompanied by a package of banking services to enable them to access global platforms and study more efficiently.

Target Audience

Students of public and private universities in all majors who have passed the general stage and have begun studying specialized subjects that require the use of devices and equipment of high specifications.

Financing formula

Islamic Murabaha

Money Value

Up to 8,000 LYD

Financing Period

8 months maximum

Monthly Installment

250 to 485 dinars per month


Conditions for Obtaining Student Financing!

A current account for the student’s guardian from the Saray Bank for Trade and Investment, with complete information (KYC Fulfilled).

Transferring the guardian’s salary to the Saray Trade and Investment Bank.

National number.

A valid passport for the student.

Proof of registration from the university.



It is not required to have a bank account with Ateeb to obtain freelance financing, but having you and your sponsor an account with Ateeb facilitates and speeds up the financing request procedures, and also gives you the opportunity to benefit from other Ateeb banking services.

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